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Regístrate de forma gratuita a las siguientes conferencias web, y disfruta de valioso contenido técnico que aportará a tu crecimiento profesional. Webinars gratuitos organizados e impartidos por Aspentech.

ACE Internacional es training provider Aspentech en Colombia, Ecuador, Perú y Bolívia.


1) Model Distillation Unit Operations

with a Rate-based Approach

February 19, 2019, 10:00 AM EST / 4:00 PM CET

Frustrated designing your column or understanding how process changes will affect your distillation unit operations? Many non-ideal distillation systems cannot be modeled accurately with equilibrium-based modeling. Rate-based modeling provides a more rigorous modeling approach for complex systems. Once tuned, rate-based models can yield better predictions at extrapolated operation conditions.

With rate-based modeling, engineers using Aspen Plus can:

  • Confidently design columns

  • Better predict how changing process conditions will affect your column

  • Establish which column operating regions are reliable and safe

Sign up for this webinar and learn directly from AspenTech experts how and in which situations you can use Aspen Plus rate-based distillation to model complex, difficult separations.